About Us

Compass Electric Fountain Hills are different from the other companies that you have come across with. That is because we value our clients more than the money we were supposed to bring home. We want your safety and your welfare is on top of our list. We value your time and money. We know that you are busy with your life and so we are. Having to wait for a contractor is just a waste of time and energy. That is true especially if you are in the verge of a danger. That is why we are here to help you out. Compass Electric Fountain Hills will be there for you on time. If we will not be able to be there on time, then your repair will be free of charge. The repairing job is carried out under the supervision of our best experienced electricians.
Oftentimes, being busy has been a common problem of homemakers. They are so busy that they were not able to determine if there is something wrong with their wiring at home. That itself is a problem that they are facing. There is a need to go through rewiring if the house is old or if it was built in 1980 or lower. Our company is by far one of the best in the country when it comes to electricians. We have the proper training and experience that will exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction will complete us. We are confident that our electricians will make you feel satisfied. Service guarantee is what we promise and it is 100%.

our aim

We work tirelessly for all our residential, commercial and industrial clients. Our technicians always aim to serve our customers with a great attitude and knowledgeable service.

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Compass Electric Fountain Hills never intend to break a promise. We do not want to promise if we cannot keep it. We have been in the business for years and that is because we handle our job very well. We know how to make our clients satisfied and we have lived up to that for years. It is hard to promise something that we cannot keep. We only say something that we have achieved. We will work with you and for you in whatever way we can. You do not have to worry about anything related to electricity because we will handle that problem in a quick span of time without compromising the quality of the end result.